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Empower the Blind

What We Do

$30,000  raised

Empower The Blind is a high school run registered 501c3 nonprofit whose goal is to improve the lives of blind people across the world. We were founded predicated on the idea that, as high schoolers, we did not have to be limited by our age in making a difference in people’s lives. Historically, we have partnered with the organization 20/20/20, which helps establish affordable clinics to help give cataract surgeries to those who are unable to afford them. As we have grown, we have expanded beyond just donating to 20/20/20 and have contributed to aiding blind people afford new homes and contributing to a clinic that help the blind find employment as massage therapists. As we continue to grow, we hope to continue aiding those in need and maximizing the difference we make around the world.

Why Donate


100% of the donations you make today will go directly to 20x20x20 hospital clinics dedicated to giving free cataract surgeries to people living in impoverished places around the world. This 15 minute eye surgery can give a child a chance to see again, which can mean the chance to go to school, get a job, and support his impoverished family. Won't you help give him or her this life-changing 15 minutes?

A donation made to Empower The Blind is:

  • Impactful: Since most impoverished families rely on their children to support them (something almost impossible if they are blind), giving a blind child his eyesight back is giving the entire family relief.
  • Resonating: Once the surgery is completed, the child has eyesight for life. A single moment bringing a lifetime for change.
  • Meaningful: With eyesight the child has a better shot at life, to come out of poverty and make a difference just as volunteers from EmpowertheBlind have strived to do.

Where We Work
In 40 of the Poorest Countries

Our Team

Who We Are

Though still in high school, our team includes a vast array of highly skilled and dedicated volunteers who are always working hard to make a difference. Starting with just one volunteer trying to make a difference, Empower the Blind has grown to over 20 volunteers, some of which have gone above and beyond starting branches all over the world in places like India.

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